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International Research School – Conference on Electronic Crystals - ECRYS 2020

Organized by S. Brazovski, N. Kirova, S. Ravi, E. Trizac

ECRYS meetings provide cross-links between various studies of spontaneous structures formed by electrons in solids, with extensions to related systems such as  vortices in superconductors, ferroelectric and magnetic domains, mixed and spin-polarized states in superconductors,  cold ions, charged objects in soft matter and biology. Unifying concepts and phenomena emphasize a complex of nonlinear nonstationary spacio-temporal effects, role of topological defects and microscopic solitons.

The notion of electronic crystals embraces numerous cases of spontaneous structural aggregation of electrons in solids. Depending on interactions, lattice deformations, spin involvement, and dimensionality, the electronic crystals acquire forms of charge and spin density waves, of interface and bulk Wigner crystals, charge ordered phases, stripes, modulations induced by high magnetic fields, interface and surface phases originated by high electric fields, charges in meso- and nanostructures, charged liquid suspensions, Coulomb interactions in soft and condensed matter.

Information on http://lptms.u-psud.fr/ecrys2020/

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DONZELLA DOMINIQUE | Mise à jour le 18/05/2020

Du mardi 18 août 2020 à 09h00 au vendredi 28 août 2020 à 18h00

Institut d'Etudes Scientifiques, Cargèse, Cargèse