A Ricerca | Le portail de la Recherche de l'Université de Corse

Research at the University of Corsica

he University of Corsica has established a clear scientific identity around 8 multidisciplinary projects accredited by the CNRS and developed into 8 joint laboratories. Each of these projects combines basic and applied research and aims at developing the local territory and leads to high added value achievements.

For nearly ten years, the University of Corsica has structured its research topics to better fit in national and international competition. It has 6 research units accredited by the Ministry, 4 of which are associated to the CNRS and made up of 250 research staff. The competences of these laboratories are organised around 8 collaborative projects enabling the legibility of the University research activity.

The Research Federation leads crosscutting multidisciplinary research actions among units.
The University of Corsica also hosts international scientific events within its Institute for Scientific Studies in Cargèse.

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